How AI reflects society's biases: Policeman

How AI reflects society's biases – a small AI ethnographic photography experiment (#aiBiasBattle) or a unscientific examination of how AI use and perpetuate existing stereotypes..

How AI reflects society's biases: Policeman

In this series, one of the things you notice is that all the policemen are men and have moustaches. The 'fancy' beige green uniforms of the West German police in the 70s are unfortunately not depicted. I don't want to know which false uniforms are assigned to other countries.

Click through the gallery to see the nationality indicated in the prompt.
Stable diffusion, November 2022
Prompt: "iconic half body portrait of 'country entry' 'occupation or type description' in typical environment … 70s"

  1. AI Primary Teacher
    - AI Ethnographic Photography
  2. AI young mother
    - AI Ethnographic Photography


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